Here’s a collection of test signals that I generated used for evaluating loudspeakers.  I initially learned about shaped tone burst testing from Sigfried Linkwitz’s website: and I made my own, then I developed them even further (sweep burst testing).

These tone bursts were created in GoldWave sound editor. With these test signals you can either near field record the output of the speaker, or listen subjectively. Time analysis of tone burst signals of the speaker will reveal stored energy released after the input signal has stopped. I created these files so I could record a sweep of a driver in a couple of tests rather than doing one test per frequency, then saving and moving on to the next frequency. This is a much faster way to gather the data and do analysis at a later time.

4 Cycle Burst, 20-500Hz, 1/6 Octave, 750ms spaced

4 Cycle Burst, 500-16kHz, 1/6 Octave, 750ms spaced

More to come…